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In the world of business, the limitless possibilities that present themselves can make decision making a huge challenge for an organisation. But, it is these very decisions that set an organisation on the path to its future success or failure..

Flexi Staffing Service

Flexi-staffing to meet your staffing requirements which are often incidental but crucial to your business operations

Flexi staffing is here to stay; as it caters to emerging business landscape and offers employment options to a sizeable employable population. We offer Flexi-staffing to meet your staffing requirements which are often incidental but crucial to your business operations.

From legal perspective, our Flexi Staffing model is robust as we leverage our expertise in labour law compliance. We do ensure adherence to all relevant procedures and compliance in all of our business operations.

Staffing Service Highlights
  • Temp employees stay on our rolls on fixed term basis
  • Personnel and payroll administration provided
  • Simple and standard contractual procedures
  • Capability in handling workforce issues upon request
  • Statutory compliance and related administration
  • Registration of employees under EPF & ESIC schemes
  • Timely remittances of statutory payments - EPF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax

Accounting & Compliance

One of the key components of a successful organisation is its ability to develop and setup efficient accounting systems that keep track of and guide the flow of finance and management information.

The flow of finance resembles the flow of the element 'Water'. If used correctly, it provides the ultimate source of power and without it all is lost. Like water is to life, finance is the pulse of an organisation. At SRC, we tap into this pulse with the help of an efficient accounting system, one which takes a broader view of accounting and not one that merely focuses on bookkeeping.

Setting up the basic procedure of the accounting system, timely updation of the books of accounts, adherence to the compliance requirements of Income Tax, VAT Laws, Service Tax Act, etc. all form a part of our Total Accounts Management Services.

We even customise our services to the need of the client by assisting them in the preparation of their monthly reports which are important in the management decision making process of every firm. This leaves the client free to concentrate on the core competency of their business, enabling them in achieving greater success.


Project Finance

Underperformance is often the result of a misalignment of the company’s strategy process with people process and operation process

Established in year 2000, SR Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic company driven by next generation entrepreneurs, who have imbibed values like trust and dependability into the very core of the company. It offers a comprehensive range of services for business set up including Entity Setup, Talent Solution, Accounting & Compliance, Consulting and Assurance Services. Today, being SR's client allows a company convenient access to a substantial knowledge base across various disciplines and strong resource support from team members spread across all the major cities in India.

The company equally is strong in providing the financial solutions to various SMEs in India through various financial institution and Banks. Our Financial solution products have a wide range for various business needs.

In general, project finance covers green field industrial projects, capacity expansion at existing manufacturing units, construction ventures or other projects. Capital intensive business expansion and diversification as well as replacement of equipment may be financed through the project term loans.



Balancing work and personal life, balancing leadership and management practices, or balancing corporate structure and people processes takes awareness, skill development, and tools.

Training Management Services enable you to identify the training needs of your company, which are vital to meet organization goals. We facilitate the drawing up of suitable training programs for the business, structures the training program, and develops content for the same. Apart from this, we also identify suitable and competent faculty (trainers) to conduct your program.

Our company offers a series of in-house training and public seminars, and coaching services that support individuals and organizations in maintaining and increasing their energy, focus and vision. When we are clear and focused, our personal and professional effectiveness increases.

Most individuals who contribute to the success of their chosen field are talented, skilled and devoted. Chances are they're walking a tightrope, struggling to find their balance.

Our in-house programs can be scheduled as needed, designed to meet your specific objectives, and we are available to work with your time parameters. We can design topics for 1 to 2 hours, 3 to 4 hours, all day seminars or weekend teambuilding events — let us know your needs and we will work with you to satisfy them. The public seminar series assists individuals in defining their parameters, maximizing their talents, validating their patterns, and assists them in creating personal roadmaps for self-mastery, team mastery, and family mastery.

Our in-house and public seminars demonstrate how understanding and working with personality preferences can increase an individual's ability to work effectively with others under stressful situations while mastering their use of time. Let us be part of satisfying your human resources training and development objectives by offering every fourth public seminar enrolment free in the same seminar!

Corporate Service

One of the key components of a successful organisation is its ability to develop and setup efficient accounting systems that keep track of and guide the flow of finance and management information.

Our company provides Interim Management Services to help your organization meet short-term business goals, overcome challenges, resolve crises or seize new opportunities. This cost-effective service is targeted at companies who would like to hire specialists/experienced professionals for a particular short term project but would rather not change the existing organization structure.
    Our Advantage
  • Significant value addition made by Catalyst through outcomes and results delivered
  • Consistent, on time delivery of services
  • Innovations and unique perspectives offered
  • Insights offered to clients, gained through years of experience with diverse industries
  • Emphasis on action orientation and implementation, rather than ‘airy fairy ideas’
  • Active focus and efforts till implementation completed
  • Post engagement follow up and reviews