Winning more social shares for your content means winning over audiences. By making a few adjustments to how you create, publish, and post your content, you can increase the likelihood that others will share it more often

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Social audiences tend to favor snackable content; bite-sized pieces that quickly convey their intent. BuzzFeed articles are essentially engineered to take advantage of this trend: easily consumed and shared. They further entice the audience to read the content by addressing them individually.

It pays to do your research ahead of time. Having a better understanding of what successful content looks like in your industry increases the likelihood of it being shared.
Your audience is more likely to share content when it takes minimal effort. If your website already receives regular traffic, take advantage of the potential social shares by designing your most popular content for easy sharing.
There’s a strong chance your content is being overlooked if your headline fails to grab people. It becomes increasingly important to hook your audience with a headline, as online attention spans continue to dwindle.
Attach images to your posts to help them stand out and benefit your social efforts.Invest resources in quality images to maximize post visibility.
Audiences vary greatly across social networks and accounting for their unique demographics helps you prioritize those relevant to your business.
Want to give yourself the best chance possible for social shares and engagement? There’s a certain window of time you’ll want to target. Posting during peak hours greatly enhances your ability to attract shares and other meaningful engagement.