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First Time Buyers

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Through our experience we have found that many first time buyers make bigger mistakes while buying their first home which could even lead them to financial distress.

The most common mistakes are
  •    Paying above asking price for a undervalued property
  •    Unable to get mortgage due to poor credit and poor money management system
  •    Difficulty in selecting a suitable area to buy a house
  •    Ignorane in checking the house for damages and hidden defects
  •    Not know the right resource to be accessed for buying a property
We can help you to rectify these problems and find you a property with little deposit andresearch the market before you even look inot theproperty.Therefore, we can buy you and asset instead of a liability. We will also manage refurbishment projects and mend your credit rating. You will be equpped with various tools which are required by first time buyer like
  •    Research tools needed to buy the property
  •    Websites / Agents
  •    Information on how to find suitable comparision to place the offer
  •    Use our house check list when viewing property to ensure you check every aspect of the home
  •    Access to all the other resources

We will save you at least GBP 10,000 on buying your first home,We have got the Proven UK property buying system to buy your first home.

Call us for One Hour free consultation
  •    To get to know each other
  •    Know your current Finance / Location / Credit rating
  •    Show you our power team
  •   Learn how to use creative methods of finding deposits.