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Proposal for Sponsorship
  • Set of 2-3 coffee table books per year
  • Each book with approx 250 pages
  • Good Marketing tactic for sponsor
  • Books to be released officialy by sponsors
  • Sponsor will get 100 free copies
  • Additional copies will be available to sponsor at cost price
  • Books will be sold /distributed to top architects, builders and to all 5 star hotels in the country by the sopnsor which will increase brand visibility
How will this Benefit the Sponsor
  • Sponsors’ sales team will meet all potential customers with the purpose of collecting material from the customers to include in the book.
  • This will give a direct connect to potential big customers who will see value in getting publicity for themselves. Hence they will support the sponsor when it comes to marketing the sponsor’s product
  • Book release function for every book will help in marketing the products of the sponsor
Role for Red Onyx Books
  • Red Onyx will collate material for the books
  • Red Onyx will design and write books
  • Red Onyx will publish the books through our publishing partners
  • Red Onyx will distribute books online and in book stores

Benefits For Sponsors

Regular marketing of company products through an upmarket medium – where the potential customers become partners in the growth of the sponsor – win – win situation for the sponsor as well as architects / builders